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So You Want A Bengal Cat, Do You?

So You Want A Bengal Cat, Do You?

Bringing home a bengal kitten is certainly a fun and exciting time, but it’s also a time for lots of surprises. No matter how much research you have completed before you bring your bengal home, they’re sure to surprise you with how much mischief they can get into and just how much personality they really have. Rumple, the star of this video clip is a prime example of the playful nature of the bengal breed. …

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Bengal Demands With Paw To Be Petted Under The Chin

Bengal Cat Demands with Paw to be Petted Under the Chin

 Communication is key! Cats have a way to let their owners know what they want. A meow, head gesture or with a signal from their paws! Every cat is unique in the way that they express themselves. Cat parents have a way of communicating with their cat child and after years of getting to know one another, we figured out how to connect and understand our pet. This video of a sweet 8 year old …

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Anthony Cumia’s Bengal Needs His Glasses

Bengal Kitten Needs Dad's Glasses

 It looks like this Bengal kitten needs the glasses more than his human does. This adorable kitten belongs to Anthony Cumia, an American talk radio broadcaster. Beavis is the name of Anthony’s Bengal cat. For years listeners and friends of the show told Anthony he needed a pet inside his mansion. In the first week of having Beavis in his home, in August 2013, Anthony made this video that went viral of the cat pulling the …

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Pampered Kitten Gets Massage On Dad’s Lap

Pampered Bengal kitten gets massage

 Sabre, a 12-week-old Bengal kitten appears to be unwinding from a long day with a soothing massage on dad’s lap. No one seems to know better than cats how treat themselves: being pampered like royalty from head to toe by their owners therapists. They’re living the good life for sure. We’ve seen recently an adorable Bengal kitten getting a massage, but we’ve never quite seen a kitten enjoying it so much. Just look at this …

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Kitten Saying Yum Yum While Eating

Bengal Kitten Says Yum Yum Yum While Eating

A 12-week-old Bengal kitten sounds like he is saying “Om Nom Nom”, “Yum Yum Yum” as he chows down a bowl full of raw meat. Serious cuteness overload. Video starts with the owners making silly meowing noises so skip to 30 seconds if you have a short attention span. Bengals love to chat… no matter what they’re doing. Some of them can be very vocal and make funny noises while eating. My boy used to …

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How to Feed Your Bengal Cat A Healthy Diet

How To Feed Your Bengal Cat

If you have a Bengal cat (or any cat for that matter), then I’m sure it is important to you to keep your kitty as happy as can be. It is likely that you want your Bengal to have a long life, minimal visits to the vet, minimal health issues, minimal behavioral issues, and to be a thriving being in your home. One of the things you can do to keep your Bengal happy and …

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Kitten Using The Ultimate Scratching Post

Ultimate Scratching Post

My F4 bengal kitten Burma using the ultimate scratching post. This scratching post (Winner of the Cat Fancy Editor’s Choice Award) is just perfect because the 32″ post height allows him to get a full stretch and tone his muscles. This post is made of fibrous and durable woven sisal which is better than carpeted posts. The ultimate scratching post is available on Amazon.

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Video Of Burma Playing With Feathers

Bengal cat playing with feathers

Video of Burma playing with a cat toy made of feathers. My cat is crazy about this toy and it’s a great way to exercise your bengal. When I tried this cat toy for the first time with Burma, he looked like a real hunter. Once in his mouth, he wouldn’t let it go and he was growling like a tiger when I tried to take it from his mouth. My poor little kitten was …

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